Upcoming Events

Project Spectrum will be hosting receptions at the upcoming annual meetings of three major societies: the American Musicological Society (AMS), the Society for Music Theory (SMT), and the Society for Ethnomusicology (SEM). Titled “Project Spectrum: Conversations on Diversity, Equity, Accessibility and Inclusion,” each event will be 2–3 hours long and will feature guided discussions and breakout groups as well as time for networking and community building. These important conversations will help ensure the sustainability of Diversifying Music Academia and respond to the high demand among participants to continue our work after the symposium.

Information on our fundraising efforts can be found here, and our secure donation page can be found here.

American Musicological Society
Saturday, November 2, 8:00–10:00pm
Location TBA

Society for Music Theory
Friday, November 8, 6:00–8:00pm

Society for Ethnomusicology
Friday, November 8, 6:30–8:30pm
State Room West


UMass Amherst Department of Music and Dance
Society for Music Theory (via Annual Meeting Grant)
Sphinx Organization (via MPower Artist Grant)