AMS/SMT Events Related to the Inclusion of Underrepresented Minorities in the Discipline

(Events are listed in chronological order)

Music, Disability, and the Environment: Bridging Scholarship with Activism
Sponsored by the AMS Music and Disability Study Group, SMT Music and Disability Interest Group, and AMS Ecocriticism Study Group
Thursday, November 1, 8:00–11:00pm

Jacob A. Cohen (Macaulay Honors College, CUNY)
Anabel Maler (University of Chicago)
Jessica A. Holmes (University of California, Los Angeles)

Chantal Lemire (Western University)
Jessica Schwartz (University of California, Los Angeles)
Ailsa Lipscombe (University of Chicago)
William Robin (University of Maryland)
James Deaville (Carleton University)
Rachel Mundy (Rutgers University-Newark)

Othered within the Other: Marginalized Voices in Jewish Studies
Sponsored by the AMS Jewish Studies and Music Study Group
Thursday, November 1, 8:00–11:00pm

Chair and Respondent
Brigid Cohen (New York University)

Assaf Shelleg (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Karen Uslin (Rowan University)
Kristofer Matthias Eckelhoff (Graduate Center, CUNY)
Bobbi Elkamely (U.S. Grant Hight School/El Sistema)

Special Session: Active Citizenship
Friday, November 2,  9:00–10:30am

Details TBA; in response to discriminatory legislation emerging in Texas (and other states).

Special Session: Gestural Politics of Movement: New Perspectives on Music and Current Social Issues
Friday, November 2, 10:45am–12:15pm

Georgia Cowart (Case Western Reserve University)

Guest Speaker
Mel Y. Chen (University of California, Berkeley)

Suzanne Cusick (New York University)
Gavin Lee (Soochow University)

Diversity in Publication Panel (sponsored by Project Spectrum)
Sponsored by the AMS Committee on Career-Related Issues
Friday, November 2, 2:15–3:45pm

This panel will bring together scholars and editors who are invested in securing minority representation in academic publishing. It will focus on the stakes of both achieving racial diversity among editors in music studies and creating more equitable structures by which scholars of color have substantial opportunity to publish in music journals and books. The panel discussion will leverage the insights and expertise of published scholars and editors in music studies to begin a discussion about how to secure such diversity.

Mary C. Francis, Editorial Director, University of Michigan Press
Shawn Keener, A-R Editions

Daphne Carr, New York University
Norman Hirschy, Oxford University Press
Loren Kajikawa, George Washington University, Journal of the Society for American Music
Guthrie P. Ramsey, Jr., University of Pennsylvania

AMS Seminar Session: “On the Academic Pipeline: Tenure, Pedagogy, and Coalition” (led by Project Spectrum committee members)
Friday, November 2, 2:15–3:45pm

This seminar will explore opportunities to provide sustained support for diversity, equity, and inclusion in professional music societies and disciplines. See CFP for more information. Download papers here (to be read in advance; AMS log-in required).

Ellie M. Hisama, Columbia University
Matthew Leslie Santana, Harvard University

“Decolonizing Music Pedagogy: Two Settler Perspectives on the Undergraduate Music Curriculum” (Robin Attas, Queen’s University; Patrick Nickleson, Mount Allison University)
“Applied Musicology and Going Beyond the Academic Pipeline” (Michael Uy, Harvard University)
“Undoing ‘Academic Whiteness,’ Embodying Multiple Selves in Academic Musicology” (Anaar Desai-Stephens, Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester)

Panel: Workshop on Access and Accessibility
Sponsored by the AMS Committee on Women and Gender
Friday, November 2, 4:00–5:30pm

Mary Hunter (Bowdoin College)

Naomi André (University of Michigan)
Suzanne Cusick (New York University)
Jeannette Di Bernardo Jones (Boston University)
Gayle Murchison (College of William and Mary)
Linda Shaver-Gleason (Not Another Music History Cliché)
Reba Wissner (Montclair State University)

Perspectives on Critical Race Theory and Music
Sponsored by the AMS Committee on Race and Ethnicity
Friday, November 2, 6:00–7:30pm

George E. Lewis (Columbia University)
Judy Tsou (University of Washington)

George Lipsitz (University of California, Santa Barbara), “‘The Danger Zone Is Everywhere’: Why Talking about Race and Music Matters Now”

Maya C. Gibson (University of Missouri)
Braxton D. Shelley (Harvard University)

Latin American Music and Music Theory
Sponsored by the SMT Committee on Diversity
Friday, November 2, 8:00–11:00pm

J. Daniel Jenkins (University of South Carolina)

Part I: Paper Panel (90 minutes) (see AMS/SMT final program for more information)

Part II: Roundtable (90 minutes)

David Castro (St. Olaf College)

Jaime O. Bofill Calero (Conservatorio de Música de Puerto Rico)
Cynthia Gonzales (Texas State University)
Luis Jure (Universidad de la República, Uruguay)
Suzel Reily (Instituto de Artes—Unicamp)

Implicit Bias Workshop (sponsored by Project Spectrum)
Sponsored by the SMT Committee on the Status of Women
Saturday, November 3, 9:00am–12:00pm

90-minute workshop on recognizing implicit bias led by Betty Jean Taylor (University of Texas at Austin), followed by 90-minute panel/discussion on how to address implicit bias through the affirmation of women’s voices in academic settings and increasing diversity and inclusivity in the classroom.

Anaar Desai-Stephens, Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester
Bonnie Gordon, University of Virginia
Marianne Kielian-Gilbert, Indiana University Jacobs School of Music
Jan Miyake, Oberlin Conservatory of Music

Joint Session: Diversity and Discipline in Hip-Hop Studies
Sunday, November 4, 9:00–12:15pm

Lauron Kehrer (College of William and Mary)
Mitchell Ohriner (University of Denver)

(See AMS/SMT final program for more information)

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