Diversifying Music Academia: Strengthening the Pipeline

Diversifying Music Academia: Strengthening the Pipeline (31 October–1 November, 2018) was a symposium devoted to the issue of diversity in music theory, musicology, and ethnomusicology. Led by Project Spectrum, a coalition of graduate students and faculty members, this event sought to explore why many people marginalized by their race/ethnicity, gender, and/or sexuality continue to have difficulty in finishing graduate degrees, attaining gainful employment, and receiving tenure within all fields of music studies. Furthermore, the aim of this symposium was to develop concrete tools to inspire systematic change within these fields. Diversifying Music Academia immediately preceded the 2018 AMS/SMT Annual Meeting in San Antonio, Texas; additionally, some events were included in the official AMS/SMT schedule.

Twitter hashtag: #diversifyingmusic2018
Project Spectrum Twitter handle: @PrjctSpectrum

 Symposium Schedule

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